Let’s Explore Magazine

“Collaborating with storytellers from across the globe, to create and publish stories about inspiring people, places, projects & ideas.”

Let’s Explore Magazine is a themed, when-ready publication that collaborates with international storytellers to create and publish an as diverse as possible collection of thought-provoking content that aims to inspire and evoke curiosity.

After publishing the issue’s theme online, story ideas can be submitted by anyone. The final curated list of contributors is made based on the potential of their story, as well as on how the collection as a whole might present the reader with a narrative that possibly ignites an exploration beyond the confinements of an issue.

The when-ready concept stems from the belief that time should not be a limiting factor in creating a quality-driven publication. Living up to that belief means that it can take up to a year to create a single issue.


Latest Issues

Theme: Belonging
Theme: Crossroads
Theme: Perseverance
Theme: Empowerment

Contextual Design


The contextually-oriented new design offers a glimpse into the author’s mind. Inspiration for certain passages and links for further reading are shared in the page’s margins. As a reader, you are invited to explore outside of the confinements of this single publication. Let each theme or its introduced sub-themes be a starting point for you to dive deeper into the subject matter.

To help you with collecting your thoughts and ideas in a meaningful manner – starting with the Empowerment issue – I have included a custom notebook. It is nestled in the back to always be part of the publication. The top margin proposes elements in the magazine to refer to so that passages that inspired your note can easily be traced.

This idea has been inspired by being introduced to the concept of Zettelkasten. It’s a practice of meaningful notetaking, that facilitates connecting ideas in new ways as the notes usually contain metadata to allow the note-taker to associate notes with each other. The system not only allows a researcher to store and retrieve information related to their research but has also been used to enhance creativity. 

The redesigned magazine aims to enhance the interactive experience, offering space to make notes of your own or reference pages in the notebook. Distances between the lines of text have been increased, making it possible to easily underline words, without crossing out the original text. This way, the overall sensory experience of the magazine stays nice and clean.

To make all the marginalia that have been provided in the magazine accessible, each feature comes with a unique QR code. Scanning this with the camera of your phone will direct you to the feature’s page on this website. Here you will find a clickable list of the marginalia as well as a biography and links to the contributor’s profiles

Marginalia (or apostils) are marks made in the margins of a book or other document. They may be scribbles, comments, glosses (annotations), critiques, doodles, or illuminations.

Exploration is Curiosity put into Action

~ Don Walsh

Conscious Publishing

Let’s Explore Magazine is produced 100% CO2 neutral, with a mix of paper that has been responsibly sourced according to the FSC® standards. The percentage of CO2 released in the entire production process (from paper production to logistics) is compensated by reducing the same amount of CO2 elsewhere.

This compensation is realized in collaboration with NatureOffice®. NatureOffice® initiates and supports projects in which CO2 emissions are avoided, limited or compensated. These are Gold Standard Projects in the field of nature management or sustainable energy from sun, wind, water or biomass.

219Trees Planted

In addition to using FSC® certified paper and CO2 neutral printing, pre-orders of the Empowerment issue have raised enough money to plant 219 trees through Trees for All.