The final part of my website-update has to do with my about-page, or how I like to call it from this point on: My Story. While making my magazine, I get the chance to think long and hard about what I feel is important in certain areas of publishing, storytelling and life in general. I started writing about this more since the yoga retreat I’ve been on in Oktober. I will continue to write and will be sharing these exercises of thought and writing here and on my website.

Below is the short version of my thoughts about

the why, how and what of Let’s Explore Magazine.

You can find the long version here.

I believe in power and value of the story and am convinced everyone has one to tell. For every story told, there is at least one person who can benefit from it. And one is more than none, so your story matters.

Time has become an extremely precious principle in my life. I have an insatiable hunger for creating and learning, but I struggle to find the time to do it all. I am slowly learning that taking my time, embracing the process is a lot more satisfying. What is helping me, is creating my publication in a mindful manner, focusing on the quality of the collaborative and meaningful stories. For me, sharing the final publication only when I think the magazine is ready, is the way to go.

You receive what you give. I want to collaborate with people and organizations who work towards a common, long-term goal, not a quick win. This will only happen if I approach my projects with an open mind and heart.

I am curious, will keep exploring, am learning and will keep sharing.

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