I have this little voice in the back of my mind that always seems to be wanting more. More time, more inspiration, making more, I even want more free time to do “nothing”…go figure. It simultaneously feels like a luxury and a burden. I feel blessed with a rich and full life, that overwhelms me with exciting new projects, meeting inspiring people and a learning curve which keeps a steady steep curve.

At the same time, I’m constantly pushing myself to take full (!) advantage of all of these good aspects in my life. Often resulting in a feeling I can only describe as anxiety because I’m telling myself I’m wasting valuable time on the littlest things. I’m not losing any sleep on this and it’s not impacting my life much so this isn’t alarming. What is happening though, is that I started to realise that trying to do it all, makes me not like any of it (overdramatising a bit to make my point). They became chores on my to-do list instead of intentions that helped me enjoy what inspiring things my life has to offer.

So what’s next. My list of interests is not getting any shorter – actually, it’s growing with quite an impact as a result – but I do think I’m on to something. I’m ready to explore this further and share my journey on my different channels and expect this could also lead up to the theme of the next issue…who knows.

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