After launching the new issue, themed Perseverance, and fulfilling all the pre-orders, we took a 2.5-week breather and this had a profound influence on me. What I can say at this point in time, is that I’m learning to look at myself and my life’s intention, with a more honest pair of glasses.

I return from most of our travels with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. Gratitude regarding where I live, the people who I hold dear and the way my life is shaping up. I’m learning to be more mindful about “where I am” in life and perhaps even more importantly, where I’d like to be going.

Being continuously curious has bothered me on and off in the past. I was focussing on the fact that there wouldn’t be enough time to explore its possibilities, resulting in not exploring at all. I’m starting to embrace this gift of curiosity as something to help me grow, especially since it already has brought me so much (Let’s Explore is my ultimate proof of concept). Over the past months – during the making of the Perseverance issue – I’ve been telling people that there’s no such thing as failing when at least one tries. It’s only failing when you don’t start at all. How about that, for not living up to my own words haha. Yes, of course, LEM is the exception for me. But there are so many smaller ventures I’d like to explore but never start with > this is changing!

At the beginning of the year, I had set myself a goal to write more and I’ve gotten a good taste of what it could bring me during a yoga retreat on Lanzarote. I quit looking at it as a goal though. It puts too much pressure on something that should feel natural. Instead, I’m approaching it as my intention. I am writing more and I am reorganising the LEM-website to make room for new explorations that serve my growth as a creative and human being in general.

Here’s to finding the courage to share my explorations, mistakes, exercises and questions.

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