The response after the launch and distribution of Issue 00 themed BeLongIng, has been nothing but mind blowing. Needless to say, we’re incredibly proud that we have made it this far and are looking forward to what the future has in store for us. Earlier, we announced a few of our plans for 2016 and by now, most of them are already in full swing! So here’s a round-up of what has happened and where we’ll be going next.

New website
The one thing we worked on the hardest, besides shipping all our Kickstarter rewards, is the redesign and restructuring of our website. We took a close look at what we’ve already established online and where we want to take the platform.

Our journal will be filled more often than it has been in the past. Writing more behind-the-scenes posts, more work-in-progress reports and sharing what inspires us during our day in recurring updates buy generic cytotec. For instance, we’re contemplating bi-weekly updates, with what inspired us during that time.

This section is alive and kicking and we’ll keep creating medium length interviews, photo essays, essays and adding artist profiles as well. Over the past months, we’ve been collaborating with some amazing contributors, making sure we can publish new features on a more regular basis. And of course, you can become part of that as well. Find guidelines here!

A major, new addition to our website is our webshop. Here you’ll find all our LEMagazine issues and relating LEMerchadise. Some of the merchandise is directly linked to an issue of the magazine, others fit the platform as is.

Let’s Explore Publishers
This creative agency we launched immediately after publishing our magazine is all about helping others get their story out there in a medium that suits their story best. So depending on the story, this can be a magazine, a book or a website. The story is leading and will dictate what medium is used.

We’re currently working on a book and a website for different clients, both a direct result from publishing our magazine. Adding this to our business plan, makes sure we can keep publishing our own magazine, all the while doing what we love to do most: creating beautiful content with others, both online and in print.

To further ensure a sustainable business, we’re putting our eggs in multiple baskets. Besides having the shop, the magazine and Let’s Explore Publishers, we’re opening up our platform for partnerships with people and brands we hold dear.

We’ll be offering 5 levels of partnerships. All with the intention of creating a winning situation for everybody: the partners, of course our readers and lastly ourselves. Our partnering manifesto in short:

  • We will never hide the sponsored label from our audience;
  • the content should be of interest for our readers, like we treat any other content;
  • we must have a connection with the partner in question;
  • last but not least, visibility of our partners shouldn’t be intrusive.

We are incredibly happy to share our new website with you, alongside these exciting updates. As always, if you have any question, suggestions or just want to so hi, please reach out to us and we’re more than happy to answer!

And don’t forget to keep exploring and to share your stories with us!

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