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A clash of cultures

Documenting women with bound feet

For the past 13 years, I have been travelling to mainland China to document the last surviving women with bound feet. One of the main questions I am asked is how do I find these women. Perseverance. Culturally it can also be a bit of a minefield too. It is considered by the younger generation to be such an old shunned tradition that it does not represent modern China. There are also many nuances in Chinese culture that one must abide by, just like any culture, but getting to know them, understand them and work with them takes time. My travels take me through remote villages and the chronicle below gives you a glimpse into my journey.


Jo Farrell is an award-winning photographer and cultural anthropologist. Born in London, England she has spent the past eleven years in Hong Kong. Her photography focuses on traditions and cultures that are dying out. Her project Living History has received critical acclaim on the BBC, CNN, The Guardian, Time Out, Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, the South China Morning Post and BuzzFeed.

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