Let's Explore Perseverance with Satsuki Shibuya



Satsuki Shibuya is an artist and spiritual thinker, living and working in Los Angeles, California. Her work is based on intuition, energy, and spirit, exploring the realms of the unknown and bridging the gap between the tangible and the unseen. Through artworks and writings, universal metaphysics are explored with a focus on themes such as nature, energy, and aspects of everyday life.


Let this moment be fleeting,
let it not transcend any more than need be.
With fists high up in the air,
we march on,
the drum beats,


No two experiences are alike,
running to and from,
danger, abuse, sorrow, hardships.


No two experiences are alike,
yet we cater to one sound,
the sound of the drum,
orchestrated by none other than,


Exploration, exasperation.
Nothing seems to be going right.
Why do we continue on,
when there seems to be no hope.
Despair unites none.
Hope unites all.

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