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Trekking Spain’s ancient pilgrimage

El Camiŋo

What possesses somebody to go on one of the most well-known pilgrimages in the world? I had several reasons of which none would be my most precious takeaway.
Walking has always gone hand in hand with photography. It is a mode of travel like no other: you are completely reliant upon the strength and will of your own body but you are journeying slowly enough to stop, to look, to notice. The more you walk, the more strength you gain – physically and mentally.
Often, walking becomes an exercise in looking; looking at your surroundings, looking at yourself and looking inside your own mind.Of this practice, the pilgrimage is an ancient tradition, which is experiencing a contemporary revival. Originally a religious custom of the more devout, the 21st-century pilgrimage has evolved and, for many, become: a fitness challenge, a way to connect with loved ones, a fun experience, a holiday – it also remains something spiritual and religious for a majority.


Ameena Rojee is a London-based photographer currently work­ing as a project manager for British Journal of Photography. Experiencing an incredible amalgamation of cultures, worlds and people as a child, greatly influences and informs her work which ranges from fine art portraiture to documentary photography.

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