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I took these photographs little over a year ago, most of them on holiday to Sweden, in my flat in South East England and on a friend’s birthday in London. The only thing that connects them today is the fact that they were shot on the same roll of film and that they were all a failure. Or weren’t they?
M y dad had recently given me his old SLR camera and the photographs were taken on what was only the second roll of film I had put through it, so I was still very new to analog photography, and still learning. I had come up with an idea for a year-long photo project that would mean I could practice using my camera and the photographs were supposed to be a part of it, an attempt to capture the little instants that made up my life, to capture and hold these brief and fleeting moments before they passed by me again. It was the kind of snapshots I might have put on social media but which I chose to take on film to fix these moments in a more permanent and physical way and which therefore became more carefully chosen and therefore more precious.


Lea Elm is a photographer and writer from Denmark, currently living in the south-east corner of England. You can usually find her browsing used bookshops, exploring museums and even occasionally sitting by her desk writing stories about her adventures.

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