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This is a story that for me began with a single loaf of bread. Or more accurately a photograph of a single loaf of sourdough bread, one that I encountered on my Instagram feed a few years ago.
I t was a lovely loaf, its flour-dusted crust a deep, ruddy mahogany, with a giant, almond-shaped eye across its back, its glossy, textured iris revealing every shade of brown from hazel to buff. I was smitten, and not merely because it was a beauty to behold; as a sourdough bread baker myself, I knew immediately that this was a bread made with skill and exacting care. Moreover, I could tell, without even seeing it on the inside, that it would be delicious. It was exactly the sort of loaf that I aspire to produce every time I bake myself. The loaf was the creation of Kerry Hanney, aka Night Moves Bread and Pie, from Portland, Maine.


Andrew Janjigian is a senior editor at Cook’s Illustrated Magazine and teaches bread baking at King Arthur Flour in Vermont and elsewhere.

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