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It was nearly sunset. My fingers were cold, and I was beginning to lose hope. I watched as the last rays of sunlight raced up the mountain to my east, and I knew it would soon be dark. I was in an empty campground in Utah, on my knees, methodically sifting through the ashes of a cold fire pit.
T his isn’t what I had in mind for my first solo landscape photography trip. It was February 1st, 2009, and people all over the country were gathering with friends and family to watch the Superbowl.
The small campground was tucked away in a valley, against a hillside to the west, and a steep and rugged mountain to the east. Nightfall was approaching, and it’s amazing how fast it gets cold in the desert.
I stopped sifting through the ashes for a moment and attempted to recreate what had just happened. I didn’t want to panic, but without my fire starter, I wouldn’t be able to light my camp stove for a warm meal that evening. I had been driving for a very long time. I was hungry, tired, and getting colder by the minute.


Ben Horne is a landscape photographer from the United States, who loves working with large format film because of the inherent limitation, and the strong sense of discipline that is required. His goal is to create simple, structured, and calm images of nature.

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