Let's Explore Perseverance with Fabian Schmid & Seraina Mandra

How does it feel to build a home in what many people call paradise when this dream of living there could suddenly be over? While pursuing a permanent residency in Hawaii, We and Trix have built a house, founded companies, started jobs, taken care of their very own coffee farm and taken many hurdles. It is a story that so many immigrants in the United States go through – but set in the tropical scenery of Hawaii, infused with Kona coffee and with two strong and unique characters.
We and Trix are the owners of a very small family farm where they grow coffee on less than 5 acres of lush, fertile Hawaiian land. Five years ago, they moved from Switzerland to Kailua-Kona on Hawaii, after almost 10 years of preparation. Leaving behind their elderly parents, We’s two daughters and everything they had built during the past 50 years.


Seraina Mandra works in communication and freelances as a writer. Fabian Schmid is a photographer from Switzerland with a focus on editorial work in the fields of travel, food & drink and interior. He works on personal projects and commissioned work. Fine art prints of his work are available on his website.

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