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Imagine you ride a bike on a cobblestone road. I bet you would feel the urge for the softest saddle you could get. But I would also bet that the opposite will be just as comfortable: a hard saddle, made of wood. Engineering a wooden bike saddle was the project I worked on for the past three years. In the end, I succeeded with the saddle but there were more than one or two problems to solve along the way.
I’m a person who can be easily excited by new ideas. If something sparks my interest, I’m soaking up all possible information I can get. I’ll make plans, think about engineering, manufacturing, writing, branding, advertising and conquering the world with the specific project. Creativity and the joy of working on ideas are not only driving me but can be greatly burdensome. It leads not only to enormous drive to develop ideas and many projects in parallel, it also leads to a lot of frustration, as the production of ideas and plans is way faster and easier than the realisation.


Christopher Taudt is a 31 year old creative and engineer from Germany. He works in research for a living and for fun he resear-ches how to shape his city creatively. Furthermore, he tries to develop his photography skills in a bunch of aspects such as developing and printing.

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