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India? – Why India? I have no idea where this journey really started, but start it did, a long time ago, with a thought that somewhere along the line I’d like to go to India.  Perhaps it was from passing through Southall station on my way into London on the Great Western Railway and seeing the bilingual signage for the local Punjabi community in Gurmukhi script.  Perhaps it was a visit to Brick Lane or a visit to my Godmother’s where I was rummaging through her collection of textiles and trinkets brought back from a holiday to Rajasthan. I’m not sure; I just knew that I wanted to visit. I mean I really wanted to go to India, and not for just a quick trip, but I wanted to experience true India as more than just a tourist.
So, as a recent Arts graduate, with no real focus or idea for a proper job, I spent a year working several jobs and saving every penny possible. This was a year of going with my gut instinct, letting my heart rule my head, a year of saying Yes – I’ll do it.


Originally from Windsor, UK, Hattie Crane has spent most of 2017 travelling and living abroad in India. As an arts graduate from Falmouth College of Art and Bath Spa, her primary focus has been documenting her surroundings through photography. Temporarily living in London and training to become a teacher. Hattie is passionate about helping to end education inequality around the world and once qualified to teach, she will go back on the road, to create and teach.

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