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2017 was a year when I felt that I had it all. From having a family to a boyfriend, travelling every month, and working as a freelance photographer, I thought I was happy.
However, my de­mons got the best of me. Through depression and anxiety that all slowly started to fade away. In the public eye, I seemed to be living a great life while deep inside, I was never content with myself and I was in search of something more, even if I didn’t know what that was.
I admitted myself to the psych ward for a day because I wanted to help my mental health. I wanted to seek professional help in ways that my friends and family could not help me. They prescribed medication and I tried it for a month, but I felt it wasn’t the right thing for me. I started getting an allergic reaction from it. Where I live it’s hard to find a psychologist to speak to without having to add your name to a waiting list.


Joan Michel is a Filipino-American photographer based in Jersey City, NJ. She studied photography at the School of Visual Arts. Fashion photography interests her most and she tries to create narratives for most of her photoshoots. Photography is also her way of coping with mental health issues, by expressing herself through her body of work.

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