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Telluride, 1996. Something special is happening in this exact spot, at this exact moment. I can feel it. I can’t describe exactly what it is but it’s there.
I pull over on the side of the gravel road. “Dear Prudence” muffles as I jump out of the Jeep and elbow the door shut. The air smells of pine. Kicked up dirt is floating around and clouds are casting a soft light over evergreen studded foothills. A feeling of excitement hangs in the air. I look around to see if I can get a good shot. Just ahead are 14,000-foot snowcapped mountains, switch­-backs of Black Bear Road and Bridal Veil Falls; the tallest falls in Colorado. An approaching rumble breaks the silence. An old Ford Bronco is barreling my direction and into the path of the photograph. I stay to the side of the road, wait until the Bronco is where I want it, snap the shutter then shimmy back into the Jeep. Proceeding, I see a 15 MPH and “Children Ahead” sign. I reflect on slowing down, escaping modern days and continue on into the heart of the mountains.


Ellen Goodman lives in the suburbs of St. Louis, MO with her husband and 7-year-old daughter. She has been developing film and making silver gelatin prints since the late 70’s/early 80’s. She is member and director of the The Film Shooters Collective and spearheaded the FSC’s first group exhibition: NSEW: Divided by Land, United by Film. In addition to photography, Ellen also loves music, cycling and star gazing.

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