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Vignettes of the Unsheltered

Hope Against Hope

It takes time to connect with people. Especially when life hasn’t been treating you well. With this project, I strive to initiate and inspire societal change, increase understanding, raise awareness and bring dignity to the unsheltered in Sacramento through the honesty of photography.
The sky darkened as Bob and I broke down the backdrop, the lighting gear and the c-stands. We packed it all up and carried the equipment out to the parking lot. While loading the gear into the trunk of the car, the clouds opened up and began dumping down cold, heavy rain. I get into my Mustang, shut the door, turned on the heat and headed out to get a coffee with Bob and talk about the day’s photo session. I’d been out in that rain for less than five minutes and I was wet and freezing. I wonder how people who live outside keep going? Day in and day out, the people I meet at Sacramento Loaves & Fishes continue to have the inner strength that propels them forward, allowing them to not give up or give in.


Doug Winter is an editorial and fine art photographer focused on social change, based in Elk Grove, California. Doug draws inspiration and visual guidance from the life experiences of his subjects to create his own blend of conceptual portraiture. Opportunities to photograph two US presidents, heads of state, diplomats, and celebrities helped Doug hone his ability to be flexible and respond to client needs quickly.

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