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The problem of poaching wouldn’t exist without people, therefore, it takes people to counter it. During a month in Zambia, I met up with a group that seemed committed
to countering poaching, even though they weren’t particularly well equipped to do this dangerous job. My belief, that most humans will strive to do the apparent right thing, got strengthened by the people I met.
In the Spring of 2016 as I was finishing my undergraduate degree I met Freddy Paske. The meeting was as much chance as anything else but it led to the first major project I undertook following my three years at University. Myself and Freddy are both military men but came up with an idea to look at the poaching problem in Africa from a more artistic point of view. Having finished our time as soldiers we have both taken different career paths. I have chosen to pursue my photography and Freddy is now an artist creating a range of work from paintings to sculpture.


Dave Mackay is a 45-year-old freelance photographer based in the United Kingdom. Following a 22 year career in the military, he undertook a full-time degree studying Photography for Fashion and Advertising at the University of South Wales. Shooting for advertising and editorial work gives him the freedom to undertake more creative projects with more emphasis on his own ideas that underpin the work.

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