Let's Explore Empowerment with Anouk Schaap, Jazzy van Wersch & Yannick van Leeuwaarde

Let's Explore - Empowerment - Anouk Schaap

I was at the office but left my true self at home

I was told I was talented and I could easily reach the top. Being a young woman, and working in corporate finance, a world led by masculine values, I couldn’t ignore these compliments. I took on every opportunity that was given to me. I worked hard and enjoyed the path I was on. I believed I could create a change in the corporate world. I committed to make employee happiness and more feminine energy at the top a priority. I was devoted, I was on a mission and I was driven. I won several challenges but I lost the most important one. The one where I lost being my true self.
Sometimes it takes a crisis of confidence for us to dig deep and find our true motivations in life and at work. For Anouk Schaap, overcoming fear and finding true happiness was a challenge born at work.


Anouk Schaap is a dreamer who is always looking for connection. She dreams of a world where we truly live together and where we think in we instead of me. Connecting with others starts with being connected with herself. Connecting with herself isn’t always easy in a hyper active world. Therefore she spends quite some time by herself and preferably in nature. Nature is a beautiful reminder of our essence and the greatest teacher about life.
She gets lots of energy of spontaneity and meeting new people. Her friends laugh out loud every time she shares a new story about meeting new friends or potential clients on the street. Most of these connections are very special and sometimes end up in very dear friendships. It all starts with a simple ‘hello’ and being truly interested to listen what the other person wants to share.
After learning some huge life lessons she decided to leave the corporate world and follow her heart and passions for consciousness, stress management and leadership. She started her own company and work internationally with leaders who want to make a change. Her mission is to create as many conscious leaders as she can. She truly believes that is the leadership we need these days in order to make an impact that lasts and is sustainable for us and future generations.


Jazzy van Wersch’s way to express herself is through dance, when she can’t find the words for sharing her message. Children and the way they look at the world are her biggest inspiration. Jazzy is dance teacher and theatre maker. She studies at the Academy for Theatre and Dance In Amsterdam. Her dream is to make theatre productions with children and to give masterclasses in theatre and dance.


Yannick van Leeuwaarde is driven by light, people and the moments in life. He is a self-taught photographer based in the Netherlands. With the passion for street photography and capturing moments is where his journey began. Nowadays he takes his passion to work, photographing at events working with fashion brands and shooting portraits.

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