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Sustainability heroes, captured on camera

Poachers turned protectors. Guardians of ancient forests. Scientists. Farmers. Innovators. Rebels. These extraordinary photographs show people from all over the world, involved in all kinds of activities. The one thing they have in common? Fighting for the future of our planet.
The Sustainability Champion Photo Contest, organised by 5 Media, challenged participants to take an awesome photograph of a person they consider to be an eco-champion: someone who is helping to protect the planet by leading, driving forward solutions or empowering others. The subjects of their portraits didn’t need to be well-known — this contest was also about celebrating local heroes and unsung pioneers.


5 is an impact media foundation striving to create a more sustainable future through the power of many. We’re making this vision a reality through storytelling, partnerships and building an engaged community. As we observe the world we live in, we are all confronted with a choice: leave it as it is, or come together to create a better, more inclusive society that values change, compassion and curiosity? At 5, we want to build a more sustainable future by connecting thinkers and doers – those of us with great ideas and those of us who have the skills to make them happen. Together, we accelerate solutions and build powerful stories of change.


Jury Prize Winner
Marjan Yazdi

Community Prize Winner
Sandra Ramírez Giraldo

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